ecogrupo consumo


1 - Enter the web

2 - Register or enter with your login to see our products, prices and offers.

3 - On the web go to "online store" (Earth to you)

4 - choose your eco-

In "SHOP ONLINE" you will find all our categories of organic products (vegetables, fruits, buds and sprouts, eggs and dairy, bakery and derivatives ...), you can see them coming / clicking on "SHOP ONLINE" or hovering directly above a popup opens with the categories.

Upon entering each of the categories you can see the products that are available.

To see the product you want to purchase or display, you can do so by clicking on its image or name, then select the quantity and click on the "add to cart".

Each product is indicated format, this can vary between 125gr, 250gr, 500gr, 1Kilo, piece or bundle and is the drive that you are adding to the shopping cart.

When you add any item to the shopping cart and to purchase can do: Looking back on your browser, clicking over the link which tells you where it is or (Example home> SHOP ONLINE> VEGETABLES> GREEN CHARD "VEGETABLES Clic on".) Move your mouse to open the ONLINE STORE or drop back to enter ONLINE STORE. You can go to cart and see your shopping list at any time just by hovering over or clicking on the basket you see in the upper right corner of the page. 

5 - Confirm your purchase

Once you have finished choosing the products you want to buy, go to cart and enter "Confirm" to proceed with the steps of purchase.

6 - Details of your order / shipping / billing and purchase confirmation

1.sumario shows the summary of your order with all your selected products and quantities. You can change the amount +/- and refresh to see the new total price. You also have the option to remove a product entirely. Below is a summary of billing information that can change if you want in the following will appear.

2.Login it automatically switches to 3 because you are already registered and have accessed your data, if you did not, here it will ask your login or registration option.

Address 3, has at its disposal a section to enter a different shipping address if it was different from the billing or have multiple delivery addresses

4 Transport. Shipping Mode. The website / online store is equipped with an automatic service to recognize and assign its address, depending on your location, the corresponding complimentary. Currently transportation is "the land to your house" (Transportation made by us) at a cost of just € 3 kilos unlimited. Should be in another country, not included in the delivery areas, you will apply what you personally agreed with previously be done by mail or by phone in 655,572,021

Accept the conditions of sale, terms of service and click on the "next" button to choose the mode of payment

5 Mode of payment.

Choose your preferred method of payment between the two available. (Contrarembolso and collect farm) 

6 - Finally, click on "confirm my order" and receive an e-mail the notice of the request, expect to receive your final bill upon delivery of your order.


With every purchase you make you are working to improve the quality of life for all collaborate to improve the environment and help to make the world a little better every day. You can also work with us personally in activities we will periodically both on the farm and off. All information of the activities you will receive it in your mailbox and you can view it in ECO-NEWS. Thank you to trust us, our experience and our products and collaborate caring and feeling the farm as your own, because this way it is. Thanks for being part of the consumer group FORMER NEW LIFE

If you have any question, contact us through and phone 655 572 021, we will be happy to help. 

Days for receipt of order:

Orders are accepted from Thursday to Saturday until 9 am 30h.

(Orders after entering 9: 30h Saturday morning will be processed as far as possible without preference, and may not be the case partially or fully receive products ordered)

Farm collection days:

Tuesday 11:30h to 14:00h

Days of home delivery:

Tuesday 13:00h to 18:00h according to route