"Organic Farm Villa Teresa" grow vegetables, fruits, vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plants, making us all the processes from cultivation of organic seeds to harvesting, preparation and delivery, thereby delivering quality and guarantee for you to be calm and confident that their product has not undergone any GMO, genetic manipulation or no manipulation by others to conserve when, knowing that their product is free of herbicides, chemicals and toxic preservatives.

We all handmade process:
- Production
- Collection (On request)
- Clothing (own stock)
- Direct customer service

Although our philosophy and guidelines have always been the same: Food production with maximum benefits in terms of quality and with minimal environmental impact, we care and grow our products endorsed with the seal of the COUNCIL OF FARMING Region of Murcia and Certification of organic products in the European Union since 1997


sellos agricultura ecologica

the satisfaction of our customers: our greatest reward

As a company's own production of vegetables, the consumer benefits are obvious:

1. Substantial savings in the final product price, being even lower than we can find in many supermarkets.

2. Guarantee as to freshness, since we usually collect on request. This is equivalent to that from pickup to delivery no more than 12 hours elapse.

3. Guarantee for certification. At all times, the client may ask our certificate of inclusion in the council of organic farming in the region of Murcia. In addition to all our labels is screen printed stamp our authority control.

4. Guarantee for quality concerns. Much of our tenacity is devoted to obtaining some products with qualities of category I, however we understand that you are working with products which by nature are perishable, so if part of the goods submit evidence of damaged or physical alterations would return the proportionate amount of the loss or repondríamos.

And of course, we have a growing supply of products.


productos ecológicos